WooCommerce Order Date and Time

If you just starting to set up WooCommerce and are doing some testing you might notice that the dates and or order time your test orders where done are not correct. Perhaps they are several hours off, perhaps almost a whole day!

WooCommerce Order Date and Time

WooCommerce will show orders made based on the time you or a customer ordered combined witht the timezone set in WordPress under settings > general. When you set up WordPress it will default to UTC time or Universal Time Coordinated or the good old GMT.

WordPress Timezone

So if you want to change the WooCommerce order date and time  and post date and time to be correct and correctly indicated you need to adjust the timezone under settings > general in your Dashboard.

WooCommerce Order Date and Time

As soon as you have selected the correct timezone the time will be re-calculated based on the server time and timezone picked. The reason for picking UTC is explained by Otto in this WordPress support thread. Basically kept there for now and kept there in the past for PHP4 legacy reasons.


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FBA for WooCommerce

Some of you may have found me on the web as I used to develop the Checkout by Amazon WordPress Plugin. Well as I have been too busy with other projects and as Amazon has changed its API details often I stopped developing. The good news is that Never Settle,
a company located in Lakewood, Colorado decided to create a plugin that allows you to fulfill orders using Amazon FBA and that works with Woocommerce!

So Imagewize decided to spread the news, reach out to clients who would be interested in getting FBA + WordPress + Woocommerce up and running with us using this great plugin. I am currently setting up this plugin for two clients and I can tell you it works really well. The setup is really easy and it pretty much works out of the box.

NS FBA for WooCommerce Setup

Setting up NS FBA to integrate Amazon’s  FBA with WordPress and Woocommerce is really easy. You download and install the plugin like any other plugin. Then you go to the plugin’s settings page. When you set things up in the backend you need

  • AWS Access Key ID
  • AWS Secret Access Key
  • Amazon Merchant ID
  • Amazon Marketplace ID
  • Application Name: Application Version
  • Test Inventory SKU

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Amazon Web Services Keys

The Keys and IDs you can get registering the app at the Amazon Market Place following this link and pick “I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS” in the first step. We assume that:

  • You have active FBA service on your Amazon Seller account
  • You have a Pro Amazon Seller account (and not an individual account)

Also see some information on a NS FBA Support Page here.

Amazon Marketplace ID

Amazon Marketplace ID you will get when you register using the link indicated earlier at Amazon Seller Central.

NS FBA Settings Page Screenshot:

NS FBA Settings

Here a YouTube Video on NS FBA:

Testing NS FBA

The plugin has an option to test the settings to check that FBA for WooCommerce works and that your WordPress site is connected to Amazon’s FBA. Just enter an non existing SKU and click on “Synch Inventory”:

NS FBA Inventory Check

The inventory and MWS Services can also be checked using the button added for that purpose:

NS FBA Testing
If the MWS test works you will get an error message meaning the connection has been made.